Caroline Renton

$250,000 Prize

Ticket #6105261

Airdrie AB | Alberta Children’s Hospital

Laurel Holth

$50,000 Prize

Ticket #9053274

Calgary AB | Regional Housing

Linda Hartford

$5,000 Prize

Ticket #6329613

Calgary AB | Telehealth Quarry Park

Tami Ellen Aberdeen

$50,000 Prize

Ticket #8615281

Calgary AB | Peter Lougheed Centre

Judith Yepez

$5,000 Prize

Ticket #6401772

Calgary AB | Foothills Medical Centre

Elizabeth Mensah-Thomson

$50,000 Prize

Ticket #8902565

Chestermere AB | Southern Alberta

Sandra Storoschuk

$5,000 Prize

Ticket #8588247

Cold Lake AB | Northern Alberta

Cleo M Gaboury

$50,000 Prize

Ticket #4347531

Valleyview AB | Southern Alberta

Brandi Thiessen

$5,000 Prize

Ticket #8888685

High Level AB | Northern Alberta

Natalie Lobo

$50,000 Prize

Ticket #8587324

Onoway | Northern Alberta

Samjhana Joshi

$5,000 Prize

Ticket #9062966

Edmonton | University of Alberta Hospital

Sheryl L Bell

$50,000 Prize

Ticket #8526672

Edmonton | Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

Cecilia Salazar Credo

$5,000 Prize

Ticket #8664983

Red Deer | Southern Alberta

Tannis Dorscht

$50,000 Prize

Ticket #8605266

Okotoks | South Health Campus

Krista N Austin

$5,000 Prize

Ticket #8646122

Edmonton | Stollery Children's Hospital

Martina Lashta

$50,000 Prize

Ticket #8738146

Blackfalds | Southern Alberta

Jennifer Leibel

$5,000 Prize

Ticket #8689202

Olds | Olds Hospital & Care Centre

Rhonda S Reid

$50,000 Prize

Ticket #8581123

Carstairs | Olds Hospital & Care Centre

Maryann Fyhn

$5,000 Prize

Ticket #4265841

Calgary | Southern Alberta

Annette Kyndt

$50,000 Prize

Ticket #8558091

Black Diamond | Oilfields General Hospital (Black Diamond)

Karen L Ray

$5,000 Prize

Ticket #8504351

Calgary | Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation

Glenda Milne

$50,000 Prize

Ticket #6016972

Didsbury | Southern Alberta

Javier H Games

$5,000 Prize

Ticket #8569738

St Albert | Sturgeon Community Hospital

Stephanie Catudal

$50,000 Prize

Ticket #4034141

Innisfail | Willow Creek Continuing Care Centre (WCCCC)

Cassidy Sheehan

$5,000 Prize

Ticket #6074602

Medicine Hat | Southern Alberta


"We all wonder what how we would react when we hear that we’ve won the lottery. In summary – mine has been complete disbelief. And I mean disbelief – just ask my family and friends (and the bank teller who was requested to perform a “zero” count – Yes, Mrs. Lobo – there are that many zeros after the 5. Truly). And a lesson to all – don’t procrastinate. This is an amazing lottery that can give joy to your life as well as helping out within our health care system. Thank you so much WinWin50 Staff Lottery and all those involved. The sense of security this win has provided my family is priceless. And to my office mates who figure they are now out of luck – I did google “lightning strikes twice” and found out contrary to folk wisdom, lightning can hit the same spot (or almost the same spot) more than once. So here’s to lightning my friends!"

—   Natalie Lobo, Clinical Lead for Immunization Program Standards and Quality in North Zone.


"It’s a great surprise but it hasn’t really sunk in yet. I never thought I would win. I do need some renovations done at home so maybe the money will help out with that."

—   Cleo Gaboury, Nutrition Services, Valleyview Health Centre.


"I've worked with Alberta Health Services for 21 years and health care is a cause near and dear to my heart. I want to make sure I give back so care is there for our community when it's needed."

—   Sheryl Bell, Clinical Social Worker, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital.


"It’s a great surprise but it hasn’t really sunk in yet. I never thought I would win. I do need some renovations done at home so maybe the money will help out with that."

—   Tannis Dorscht, Program Coordinator, Academic Family Medicine at Calgary's South Health Campus.


"It's important we continue working together in supporting our health care. I'm happy I'm part of this because it gives me the chance to help contribute to improving services in our communities."

—   Martina Lashta, Registered Nurse and Outreach Worker with the Mental Health Clinic in Red Deer.


"We’re grateful for the lottery support to our community health care. The proceeds from the lottery will help fund needed equipment."

—   Rhonda Reid, Registered Nurse at the Olds Hospital and Care Centre.


"It’s supporting my hospital and our patients that truly motivates me in participating in the lottery, and I really didn’t expect to win."

"My passion is senior care. I like working with seniors because they enrich our lives with their history and stories – we have so much to learn from them and they’re an important part of our community."

—   Annette Kyndt, Care Manager, Rising Sun Long Term Care, Oilfields Hospital in Black Diamond.


"It’s the bigger picture that counts. So many people need help and I’m really happy to be part of such a great cause. It’s satisfying to know part of my payroll donations go to hospitals in Calgary where my family and I have had treatment in the past."

—   Glenda Milne, Clerk IV in Patient Registration at the Didsbury Hospital.


"At first, I thought it was a family joke when I received my $50,000 phone call. As a busy mom of three I was excited to share the good news with my husband that we are now $50,000 richer!"

—   Stephanie Catudal, Community Health Facilitator in Health Promotion at Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre.